Our Business Partners in China

Yewtree English Alliance is a service brand created by a team of English and Chinese academic and business elites in 2001. It is aimed to deliver a broad spectrum of bespoke English language services, so as to meet specific needs in English private tutoring & group training, business talks and negotiations, customised overseas schooling, cultural and artistic exchanges, escorted fact-finding missions & business tours, self-driving tourism and business transactions in English-speaking countries. Ever since its inception, Yewtree has served hundreds of business and private clients by providing a large variety of services, including crash English courses prior to overseas study or examinations for proficiency or admission, employee language training, creative & copy writing, on-site interpretation and voice-over support in product release or exhibitions, just name a few. The last decade has witnessed its robust growth and its cooperations with English and Chinese industrial sectors and academic circles have multiplied.